How to Remove DRM from iTunes?

A buddy wants to know how to remove DRM from his downloaded iTunes, so that he can burn them to an MP3 CD to play in his car player.

Anyone know how it can be done?

There seem to be a few work-arounds…such as streaming audio recorders, but this is a bit messy (may have to edit nearly every track), and the possibility to use iTunes to convert each to an AAC file…but does this do the trick…?

The last time anyone discussed this was 4 or 5 months ago…no real solution was suggested there…


Here’s a link that might get you over the problem temporarily at least. Read this . I’d obviously use CD-RW for this.

There’s also a shareware app called MusicStacker that claims to do this.

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There are some tools that come to help with the problem your buddy has. Like TimC also said, there is MusicStacker, also Soundtaxi is said to do this, myFairTunes also available. The best though, in my oppinion, been using it for a while is tunebite. Converts with good results, quality loss is minimal.

The less good part at Tunebite is that the demo version converts only for 30 secs and some might be recalcitrant in buying it without more testing.

I used TotalRecorder to re-record the iTunes Pepsi gave a way a couple years ago. Accelerated mode worked at about 8X, to MP3 VBR 96-224 Kb.

You can try sound taxi… it removes the iTunes protection and has a free trial. Great, simple to use product.

I use muvaudio and i love it. it can be found at

I recommend Noteburner, it is a virtual cd burner and it can burn your DRM protected music to plain mp3, wav, or wma files. You can download Noteburner from its official website

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You can try this virtual recorder software, This software provide CD-R simulation so that you can use it to create CD audio image, and then, of course, convert it into mp3.

DVDneXtCOPY Inc. also just released their iTunes conversin software called DVDneXtCOPY iTurns this month. It removes DRM from itunes music and converts to mp3. It is a free software so definately worth checking out.

Here´s a good suggestion. I haven´t tried it but maybe this will help someone out:

Play iTunes Purchases on Any Music Player
Difficulty: Moderate; Time: 30 minutes

Here’s how to make music you bought via iTunes play on any media player. Like the other hack on this page, this DRM-stripping trick could get you into legal hot water, but it also gives you control over songs that you rightfully own.

I recommend using myFairTunes to set iTunes downloads free. You’ll also need to use an older version of iTunes (and yes, give up some features), because this utility strips tracks of their copy protection, and Apple regularly updates iTunes software so hackers can’t remove the DRM. Search online for “Old iTunes 7.4.1 download” and “myFairTunes7 download” to find the two applications.

If you’re already running iTunes, choose Store, Deauthorize Computer, and then close the program. Temporarily rename the iTunes folder something simple like ‘iTunes Recent’. Uninstall iTunes, and then restart the PC.

Install iTunes 7.4.1 and myFairTunes7. Next, install Visual C++ SP1 and .Net Framework 2.0. Restart your PC, and launch iTunes. Import your DRM-loaded songs, and play one of them. Enter your iTunes Music Store account information when prompted to do so.

Launch myFairTunes7. Click the check boxes for Preserve RAW AAC Stream and Enable “No Sound” Fast Dump. If you’d like to create MP3 files instead of using the original AAC files, click that box. With the songs selected, click Start Conversion. The software will take about 15 seconds per song to remove the DRM.

Go back to iTunes and drag all of the converted files from iTunes into a new folder in your desktop. The songs should now be playable on any audio device.
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