How to remove copy protection?



I have a problem with my samsung home theater. It doesnt play my dvd copies because it as a copy protection. I dont know what to do??? Can anybody tell me if theres a way for me to play them or to remove the Copy Protection so that i can see my movies ???


I use Ripit4me.

You Need to download DVDShrink and DVD Decrypter also.

After getting bolth of those programs. Just run RipIt4Me and click 1-Click mode.

BTW They are all free.


Thanks i will try RipIt4me. But is there a way for me to play all my dvds that i already made. I was using clonedvd and anydvd. I think that the copy protection that my samsung home theater as are never going to allow me to play Copied DVD’s. As soon as i insert a copied dvd it says ‘’ Play prohibed’’. Its a brand new home theatre so i guess that the copy protection is new technology. THANKS!!!


If your DVD player is actually looking for CSS encryption and refusing to play without it, you’re probably going to need to buy a new DVD player. That’s weird; I’ve never heard of that before.


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The copy protection never plays a role in playing the DVD only when you try to copy it.


Use Slysoft AnyDVD & Clone DVD…
Available @


>>>>The copy protection never plays a role in playing the DVD only when you try to copy it.<<<<

I am with TCAS on this issue, based on the little info that has been posted. Carefully re-read the above posted by TCAS. My guess is that this error message has nothing to do with the copy protection, or a lack of copy protection. Especially if you are using AnyDVD and CloneDVD. I suspect another problem is at the root of this.

My first guesses (things to examine):
-Is the blank media being used for these burns reliable / high quality? In the world of DVD burning, this is a critical issue. Or, is it some “Grade 3” or “Grade 4” stuff that was a bargain, or the first brand you happened to purchase without any research? Brand recognizability is not a guarantee when it comes to successful burns that will play on most other DVD players.

-Is this blank media of a type which is definitely compatible with the DVD player in your home theater setup? Example, did you use DVD-R discs, when your own DVD player cannot even play these? Or, did you use DVD+R discs, and your own DVD player cannot even play them? The same can be true if you used DVD+RWs, or DVD-RWs, or DVDRam, and your own home player is not able to play the particular type of disc you chose.
Have you tried these burned discs on a few other DVD players, to see if they can play the discs okay? This may help you to narrow this problem to its true source.
-Was the burn a good, solid safe burn? What speed was used when you burned this discs? Were your settings in AnyDVD and Clone DVD set to their original default, or have you made any changes which might have caused the final output to be less than 100% “compliant” (this has nothing to do with copy protection).
-Were any labels stuck onto the DVD? (This can often cause discs to be unplayable on many home DVD players).

First, check these things out.