How to remove cd dvd burner from laptop?

Hello Everyone,

I have a question that I hope someone out there will be able to answer.
My question is that I have an Averatec laptop series 5400. The model is
AV5428HX. I think I need to replace the cd dvd burner. How do I remove
it from my laptop? It is in the front of the laptop. Before I replace the burner,
I wondered if it would be safe for the burner if I tried cleaning, the optical
lens, with alcohol that you get at the Pharmacy?

Thanks for the help in advance

WT (Newbie) Sorry if I did’nt do propose the question correctly!:confused:

I can’t tell you how to take it out of the laptop but don’t clean the lens with alcohol. Get a cd/dvd lens cleaner and try that. Why would you want to clean it with alcohol anyway? Are you getting bad burns, discs that can’t be read,etc? Describe your problem, maybe it’s a simple solution.

I put in a cd or dvd and it makes the usual noise, but then it clicks
like it’s going to read, and it does this about 4 or 5 times, and then
stops and goes silent. I’ve tried the cleaning disc, no luck. If I keep
trying some cd’s will play, but most don’t.

It does sound like the drive is dead or dying.

Unlike with desktop PCs, laptop CD/DVD drives are very specific to the individual laptop, so you’ll probably need to purchase the exact same drive as a replacement; best to contact the laptop manufacturer.

Pulling the laptop apart is fairly simple as long as you make sure that you note down exactly where everything goes during the dis-assembly and are careful not to damage any of the delicate ribbon cables. Use google for more info and if in doubt take it to a professional as mistakes can be expensive!



Most laptop drives are held in by a couple of small screws under the laptop and the holding power of the connector(s). So remove those screws and gently tug it out.