How to remove bad sectors in hard drive

plz can one one tell how to remove bad sectors from hard drive…???
i have tried formatting but they r not going …my hard drive is of maxtor 40gb…any onne can tell me wt to do0o

If bad blocks/sectors have started to occur you can usually relocate those by using software from the manufactorer’s site but it’s usually only a temporary fix since more and more will occur as time passes.

For the Maxtor, you may be able to sweep them under the carpet with “PowerMax” - - Can’t see a specific option for it, but the data-destructive full low level format may also do bad block revectoring.

It just depends, some drives will throw an odd extra bad sector, and then be fine for ever more, while others will start a death spiral of increasing errors.

Your best bet is to deepsix the drive. Badsectors is a good indicator that the drive is dying, and should be replaced. Just like the good old LP’s, when they start to skip and no longer play right, you would throw em out, because there usually was no way to fix em.
Drives are cheap enough anyways, under a buck US a gig now. In some cases way under. Saw referb SATA 200 gig drives on ebay for 99 bux, WD with 8 meg cache, just as an example

I certainly wouldn’t save anything important on that disk if bad sectors are persisting through formats. Bad sectors are like chicken pox --if you see one, you’re going to see more later. Bite the bullet, and buy a new drive, or check your serial number to see if the drive is still under warranty, and get it RMA-ed.

New 80GB drives with 3yr warranties can be had for $60 easily, with free shipping.