How to remove bad sectors in hard drive

how to remove bad sectors in hard drive???anyonw can tell me any software or >???any suggestion ???/

Which firm is the manufacturer of your hard drive, look at the manufacturers Website, they always have special tools to scan/repair their harddrives.

one of the best utilities out there for this is SpinRite

Or you can try Norton Utilities. It does not remove bad sectors, it marks them, so no data can be written on it, thus preventing any data loss or malfunctioning of the software.

If it is physical damage, then sectors can only be marked to be ignored so they are not written to in the future, you can’t use a software to fix something physically broken.

Most manufactorers ogffers software that remaps bad sectors but in the long run you’ll probably have to get a new hdd.

Actually, although I have not had occasion to use it first hand, there is a program that has been around for a long time now that has been said to repair bad sectors on a hard drive through re-magnetization. It eliminates physical damage thus restoring the bad sectors.

I also have bad sectors and I found a website about fixing hdd bad sectors Good luck