How to remove audio from existing video file with Nero Vision



Hello all, I’m trying to burn a .avi file I made which has existing audio as part of the file - I’d like to remove this audio and add my own audio track to it. I know how to add audio tracks using Nero Vision but does anyone know how to remove the existing audio so I don’t hear both concurrently?

Thanks for any help.


Use VirtualDubMod.

Open the AVI file, go to Streams & Stream List. Then disable the audio. Then go to Video & select Direct Stream Copy & save with a new name.

You could also add the audio here in the stream list option.


Cheers mate. I’ll check that software out. I ended up figuring out a convoluted way to do it with Nero - I recoded the video using Nero Recode and removed the audio using that, then I re-burned in using Nero Vision and added my own audio. It was a pain in the bum though and time-consuming as there was some repetitive coding/burning involved.


I did the above as stated…but when I tried to save as a new file I got an error message: :tje source video stream uses a compression algorithm which is not compatible with AVI files. Direct stream copy cannot be used with this video stream.

Can anyone help me?



I don’t know what I did different…but I tried it again and it worked. :clap: