How To Remove ATMOS from m2ts?


Hello all

Is there a program that will remove Atmos audio from a m2ts file and then save as a m2ts file? and at the same time leave the core AC3 audio file in the m2ts file.

I have tried tsMuxeR, but had a lot of errors and sync problems… MKVToolNix does what I want except that it wont save the file as m2ts, only MKV… thanks


Check Wonderfox´ Hd Videoconverter Pro and edit the M2TS profile to see if it strips it…


Thanks, but that doesn’t work either, says my files can’t be converted. Anyone else can think of a program please ?


Know this is a few months old, but…

MKV is a container format; can’t you just use MKVextract to split it into video/audio/subtitle streams?