How to remove an annoying titles tune?

I’m attempting to customise a 3 DVD set of JOhn McLuchlin’s “That’s the way I do it” jazz guitar instruction.

the originals have a lot of annoying animated transtions between sections that I’ve been able to eliminate in custom mode, as those were discrete title sets & the DVD navigates OK with those titles removed.

But there’s one annoying musical jingle on the main title screen that I can’t figure out how to lose, as it’s in title 0 chapter 0. I guess it’s embedded in the Ttitle set files & that I’ll need a geeky editor to kill the reference to it without screwing up the menu navigation . It’s really annoying as it plays evey time that you retuen to a menu screen & I just hate hearing it over & over again.
I attach a zip of my currently customised VIDEO_TS.IFO hoping that someone can confirm there’s a reference to a title screen tune in there & tell me how to lose it.


Solved it! I think.
tried both pgcedit & ifo edit but could not seee how to do it in either of those.
So I opened the my previously customised dvdfab output folder in DVDshrink ,and there was a simple tick box option in Meunus to remove the Menus audio. Unselected that & did a full backup & problem solved.

So I guess that’s another wish list future feature for DVDFAB
i.e. add Remove menu backgroun music option to the user interface.

It would also be nice to have an option which titcked all of the titles in customise mode i.e. they defaulted to all ticked rather than all unticked. It’s tedious to have to tcik all but 1 entry on a long list of titles in order to get rif of one annoying screen!