How to remove a anti virus pro and vista antivirus pro 2008



hey guyss i have goit aa anti virus pro and vista anti viruss 2008 they are viruses or spywares wat ever but how can i remove them last time i got them i formated ma hard drive and this time i dont want to coz i didnt take a back up of maa stuff and i dont wanna lose them so could u help me guyxx


Flatten and rebuild:


Perhaps you should stop going to the type of web sites that are causing you these problems…


[QUOTE=harley2ride;2106628]Perhaps you should stop going to the type of web sites that are causing you these problems…[/QUOTE]

Yo Rob-

[I]EXACTLY!!![/I] - and communicate in words that can be identified and replied to-eh!!! :iagree:


This isn’t particularly true to what “type” of site it occurs on.(whcih I assume you guys are pointing at Pron).

This is from another forum that I posted when we where working on this situation, which basiclly turns out there are several versions of that crap out there, and all of them but one pretty mych requires you to do alot of work to rid yourself of it, or a reinstallation of the OS.

So you where asking what someone was doing when they get thi initial popup screen for this, well I just got one, the vista version of it.
I was looking at this page and click “next” at the bottom right and it popped up instead of going to the next page. no idea as I do not know code of anything, (even conduct, lol) as to why when I clicked the next button on that page made it pop up…just a tidbit of info.

I tried to replicate it and it didn’t pop up the second time there.

here is the link to the oricinal posting of this, hope this helps you out:


This trojan hides your c drive and doesn’t let you use system restore or go to the control panel- add remove to uninstall it. You can post a Hijack this list on or go to and see if they can help you get rid of this malware. I have seen a few computers with this and I had to format and reinstall windows. Try a google search and see if their is a solution > Good luck.
Edit this link may help you.