How to remove 5005 faceplate


My 5005 drawer won’t open. The open/close mechanism has been slowly dying for a while now. I recorded a disk for a friend of mine and can’t get it out of the player! Plays fine, just won’t eject. Also, it tries to eject, but the drawer just does’t move. Helping it along used to work but not anymore, apparently.

I decided to take it apart and get at a manual release for the drawer. I guess it does not exist. I’ve got all the screws out of it that I can get at. It seems the only thing keeping the drive in is the faceplate. How do I remove it? I’ve searched and can’t find an exlanation. There are lots of references to doing it, but none on specifically HOW to do it. I don’t want to wreck anything if I can help it. I would be fine with using a paperclip to manually operate the drawer from now on if need be.



John D