How to remaster quake 3 arena dreamcast

hi ive been trying to remaster my quake 3 arena disc coz it’s really scratched bad, i had a backup but it’s also scratched badly, i noticed that they are both damaged in different parts but i dont know how to create a sega dreamcast disc. any ideas?

If it’s a GD-ROM, you’re kinda screwed.

It’s either on standard CD, or on GD-ROM which was Sega’s proprietary format. You can’t read GD-ROMs, don’t bother trying. Put the disc in your computer. If it reads it’s a CD, just copy it with whatever you use to copy discs. If it doesn’t read, give up.

If it’s an original, the only way to rip these was to read them in to the computer from the Dreamcast over the LAN adapter or serial port.

How about eBay?