How to reload a DVD?

“Reload” is probably not a good word for this but I don’t think this is authoring - please correct me if I misunderstand. Here’s the situation :
Somebody wanted to give me a copy of a DVD of a musical performance. It is not copy protected & has no region code. The DVD would not copy for some unknown reason so I borrowed it. I want to make a copy for myself & a copy for the owner of the original. I was able to copy the files into a folder on my harddrive by using a combination of things. No one method would work for all the files. I copied by using DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter & dragging like data files. Since it was a long process I immediately wanted to save these files so I burned them onto a TDK DVD. The TDK DVD now has all the files that were on the original DVD but not the VIDEO_TS folder. It doesn’t play like a video DVD but I can click on each video file & watch them one at a time. So I guess I need to make a DVD with that folder to play it from start to finish in a DVD player. I could experiment & maybe make coasters but can somebody tell me the best way to do this? (not make coasters) Once the folder is made does it matter what order those files are burned onto the DVD?
I have a P4,2.6G, 512M ram, 32 G available on HD, Windows XP Pro, DVD shrink & DVD decrypter.

These are the files I have :


worth a try - put all those files into a folder called VIDEO_TS, create a folder called AUDIO_TS, burn both folders to [ preferably ] a dvd/rw, but give the the DvD label/title [ when you go to burn it ] a title IN UPPER CASE such as MYDVD. or, create an iso of the 2 folders i mentioned, mount iso in a virtual drive and see if it plays like a 'normal ’ dvd on your PC

As Ghosters said, making an iso is a great way to guarantee compatibility. imgtool classic is freeware you might want to try that is designed from the ground up to create DVD .isos for maximum compatibility.

Thanks for the input. It turned out fine, here’s what I did :
I made a folder called “MT” & in that put the 2 folders VIDEO_TS & AUDIO_TS. Then copied all my files into the VIDEO_TS folder. I tried DVD Shrink to see how it would look - used the “open files” button on that “MT” folder & from there it went like copying any other DVD. That combination of DVD Shrink & DVD Decrypter works great all the way to burning the new disc. I wish I had that method together before I bought Nero.
So I’ll have to try imgtool on some other project, it sounds like a good thing to have around.

thanks again,