How to relife my 451s?

today i’m flashed gs0f 8x read.bin into my ldw 451s. Everything goes fine but when i try to burn Verbatim DVD+R 4x at 8x speed(Nero give me this speed) something goes wired. Since that i try to flash back gsb7.bin from dos and burn something else it’s benn stocked an give me report illegal disc or format etc, etc.
Help me to try my ldw-451s go back.
CD r/rw mode works fine but DVD r/rw is failed!!!

If you wanna take your drive back to 451S use this tool. Download firmware for 451 (.exe) from Lite-On
Edit:remember to uncheck ‘read only’. :slight_smile:

BTW, I don´t think the ‘GS0f 8x read.bin’ firmware caused this problem. More likely your nVidia nForce chipset. Use the search button and you will find your answers.

I alrady do that but nothing. When DVD start BURN procedure it stock at LeadIn with period of 3 minutes and then igot message Illegal operation or whatelse and whole process break. What to tru else???

You was rite. It’s about nVidia Nforce chipset drivers. When i reinstall them ewrything goes fine…