How to Reformat my Hard-drive and install WinXP Pro again? I am currently using WinXP



Hey guys, your help and expertise will be greatly appreciated… I’m desperately
in need of assistance here…

Recently my comp is totally wrecked up, programs doesn’t run like they ought to and
startup is a total havoc. My comp is also stuffed with alot of useless info and programs
and I think it is in serious need of reformatting. However I’m a total comp idiot
in this and will need your CLEAR and CONCISE step-by-step explaination… sigh :confused:

This guy set up my comp for me bout 2 years ago and when he installed WinXP Pro,
i kinda remebered he cocked up something regarding partitions. Think he made another
partition and thus my comp has been running on 2 partitions but actually only in
fact i’m utilising one… cuz its showed i only have 1 harddrive “the C drive” :frowning:

So right now, i’m pondering how to totally delete EVERYHING from my comp… is tat
reformat of harddrives? I wanna wipe everything out from my comp, like its totally
cleaned and then starting from scratch, reinstall my WinXP Pro again… how can i
do that? And also considering my problem about partitions mentioned above, I would
wanna merge them together and fully utilise the 2 partitions as 1 after i reformat.
How can i do that? I really have no idea at all… I’ve tried searching for similar
topics but learned little from those replied suggestions.

Also, I’m worried about the CD KEY of my WinXP Pro after i’ve installed cuz i’m using
a pirated bootable version and i do not have the original CDKEY…

Thank you guys for your precious time… :bow:

  1. Enter your BIOS (F1, DEL, F8, F10) depending on your manufactor.
  2. Set it to boot from CDROM (ATAPI)
  3. Enter your presumable bootable WinXP Pro CD.
  4. Select to delete partition after it boots the CD (I think you have to click L)
  5. Create a new partition, by clicking C (I think).
  6. Select to install windows on that partition, format using NTFS (not quick mode).
  7. Voilá!

About your CD key, can’t help you there…you know the reasons.


sorry dont matter please delate


Thanks for replying guys…

nOBeLium, u mentioned that i should i should delete partition and then create a new partition? What happens after i have deleted partition? Does it mean that my current 2 partitions will actually merge as one 1 partition? If that’s the case, then i guess i wouldn’t fancy creating a new partition because then I will be creating another partition which will leave me with 2 partitions again right? Am i understanding things so far?.. :confused:

So can i just proceed to install WindowXP after i’ve deleted the partitions but skipping step 5 which you’ve mentioned cuz I would actually like to have only 1 partition.

furthermore, regarding step 6, should i install WindowsXP following by formatting using NTFS… or should i format first before installing??



Strongly suggest that you get someone that really knows how to do this to either do it for you or be in attendence when you do it IMHO-