How to reduce the read speed on a DVR 111?

Hi !

I have a Pioneer DVR-111, and I find that, while it is very fast at reading Video DVDs, it makes an awful lot of noise, which is painful. I resort to ripping each DVD before viewing it, but this is awkward and time-consuming.

I’ve searched (particularly on the forums) for ways to reduce the read speed. My findings so far are:

  • The DVR 111 does not honor any of the MMC read speed commands;
  • The firmware is supposed to adjust itself automatically so there is no “quiet drive” utility;
  • Previous Pioneer specific commands to set the quiet/performance mode on x06 models do not work on the 111.

I’m at loss: Is there a way to reduce the read speed on a DVR 111 ?

Note that I am not using Windows so I cannot resort to any Windows-specific utility unless it will permanently fix the problem (such as a firmware update).

Many thanks in advance !


I think you cannot alter that.


Which type/version of Pioneer firmware are you using?

I flash my 111D to 111L_829 firmware and I experience the same problem as what you described. The drive will not slow down while watching video or listening to CD. Verying annoying. The bad thing is you can’t even use a software utility like Nero Drive Speed to slow it down.

I decided to flash to 111_129 firmware which is good as the Pioneer Quiet drive feature is working correctly with this version of Firmware. Quite Drive is also working fine with the original 111D_129 firmware. There is something strange with 829 firmware.

Thanks for both answers !

I’m using the original firmware version 1.23. I’ll be flashing firmware 1.29 (for the 111) tomorrow to see if that helps.

Limleong, you write that “Pioneer Quiet drive feature is working correctly” with Firmware 1.29. Do you mean, the drive automatically adjusts the reading speed to keep quiet ? Or do you use some kind of quiet drive utility / nero drive speed which happen to work ?

Thanks !

Firmware 1.29 did work as advertised on my drive without any additional SW tool. It will slow down while playing DVD Video or Audio CD but speed up when reading data.

Unfortunate 8.29 does not behave this way. My drive is noisy with 8.29.

isnt there an option to slow read speed down with nero?? I’ve used it before for watching movies, or have i got the wrong end of the stick here?

Unfortunately not with the Pioneer 111. Pioneer’s firmware is incompatible with software speed tool such as Nero Drivespeed.

On the plus side, the quiet drive feature is built into the Pioneer firmware and it does work. The down side is you have less control and the firmware does the thinking for you on when to speed up and when to slow down.

Well, I’ve just flashed my drive with firmware 1.29, and I concur with you limleong: the quiet drive feature does work with this firmware, and my drive is now really quiet while watching DVDs, at least for the few DVDs I just tried. The drive was previously very noisy while reading any of them.

FWIW, noise (or now the absence of it), is unrelated to the DVD region, unlike my previous drive (Plextor 712) which was a bit noisy when reading a DVD of a region different from the one set in the drive (but I could just adjust the speed my self in this case).

Maybe it was a bug in the firmware ? Maybe it is random. I do not know, but I just hope it will stay like that.

Thanks, again !

I don’t think this is a “bug”, because Buffalo makes its own OEM firmware (changes).

In the case of the Buffalo firmware, you are probably right: It may be missing the quiet drive feature, I do not know, I do not own a Buffalo drive (and never tried the Buffalo firmware BTW).

I was comparing the situation between the official Pioneer 1.23 firmware and the 1.29 version, which should both have the quiet drive feature.

If you use Nero Suite, there’s a Nero app under Tools called ‘Nero DriveSpeed’. You can check off the ‘Silent’ button or set CD read speeds. With the Pioneer, it seems to be a no-frills drive so the settings are limited.

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