How to redirect a folder on CD to hard drive?



I want to move some software that I don’t use much from my hard drive to CD and run it from the CD. Is there any way to redirect a folder on the cd to a folder on the hard drive? For instance, the folder I want to copy contains a “save” folder. When the application tries to access the “save” folder on the CD, I want to redirect it to a “save” folder on the hard drive.
I checked the registry, and there wasn’t a separate key for the save folder, there was just an entry for the root folder - That’s the folder I want to copy to the CD.

I’m running windows 2000 and Nero Express.


I tried to replace the folders I wanted to redirect with shortcuts to their location on the hard drive, but that didn’t work.


Nop, there is no way to do what you want to do, unless the app is actually built to be run from cd. The folders are usually hardcoded, hence why you have to install the application instead of running it on cd (also because data is compressed on cd of course). Some programs allow you to change the “save” folder, either by direct registry editing or simply by the preferences box on the application, but that’s all. :slight_smile: