How To Recover Lost iPhone Calendar Without Losing Anything Else?



“I have accidentally deleted ALL the entries from my partners iPhone 5c calendar. The latest backup of her phone have been roughly 7 weeks old. I’m concerned that if I restore from that backup she’ll lose contacts she’s added since there along with saves and other updates she’s made to apps on her phone, which will put me in even more trouble than I’m in already. I’m guessing the phone hasn’t been synced with iTunes since this backup was made, although I have transferred recent purchases. So, is there a way to recover the calendar data that has disappeared without losing anything else?”

If you want to get back all the deleted calendars, there is no need to restore your iPhone from the iTunes backup file or iCloud backup file created weeks ago. Besides, restoring iPhone to get back deleted or lost calendar items is every risky for it causes data overwriting and permanent erasing easily.

Fortunately, there are solutions that can help you recover the accidentally deleted calendar without losing anything else. All you need is a professional iPhone data recovery software

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