How to recover from a bad upgrade

Okay guys. This is okay for dvd burners already in a computer, but how about those in a DVD player/burner with a tuner for the TV like my LiteOn LVW-5007? Some time ago mine choked while upgrading the firmware and now all it will do is say “Hello” and “12:00” depending on whether it is on or off. I tried the scenario with holding the stop button and supplying power still holding the stop button. It didn’t work. I think I need to do something else. Is this the forum for this? Is there another forum I am pretty new to this club.

Whoosh! I’ve moved your post to the “Lite-On DVD Recorder and Player” Forum. I’m sure the very intelligent people here can help you. :wink:

Before attempting to update the firmware, I would suggest downloading the firmware again from the Lite-On’s firmware site, since the firmware failure likely indicates that the firmware you tried loading has gone corrupt at some stage, such as got damaged during the download stage or didn’t write properly to CD. After you re-download the firmware, extract it from its zip file and place it on a CD-R or CD-RW. Be sure to enable disc verification if your writing software supports this as I have seen discs which appear to have been written fine return a verification error.

I have come across a few different reports of how to carry out the emergency firmware update, one like which you mentioned above. This is carried out by holding down the stop button with the unit unplugged and plugging in the unit with the stop button held down on the player’s front for several seconds until the player’s display shows a message to insert the disc. See this post for further details. On another thread, I have seen someone mention that the stop + power buttons must be pressed together to activate the emergency firmware update. Otherwise, if you can eject the drive’s tray (assuming it will eject), load the firmware update CD, power on the player out of standby and give it a moment to see if it will carry out the firmware update process automatically. As I don’t have an LVW-500x series recorder handy, I am unable to confirm which method is the correct process of initiating the emergency update.

Unfortunately, the only other way of getting it repaired is to get it serviced. If it is under a year old, you should be able to bring it back to the store you bought it from or arrange an RMA with an online store (if you bought it online) under its warranty.

Thanks. I am just learning how to get around in this site. I think I have fixed the other LVW-5007s by cleaning the lens. They now recognize the DVD+R as a blank and initialize them correctly. They also recognize the DVD+RW with data on them and they don’t erase the data. I haven’t tried to record anything on the DVD+R yet. :bow:

Thanks again: Tom

I have tried everything in the forum that was a cure for this problem except sending it into be repaired. I have contacted LiteOn and they seem to need documents of the purchase and I don’t seem to be able to find everything. The only way I was able to open the drawer to get the CD out was to remove the cover and front of the device and push the manual button on the bottom front right of the drive. I don’t seem to be able to attach a picture.