How to recover files from a DVD that has gone bad?

I just realized when i went to make a copy of a dvd for a friend, that the dam thing isnt very readable. (its a trilogy of a movie in avi format). the first movie copies to the hdd, then i get the drive clicking every couple of seconds halfway thru the second file. and it just wont copy. i did get a CRC error once.

shitty thing is, this is a memorex dvd-r and its only 7 months old.

Is there something I can do to recover these files now?. I dont even care if there are bad ares, as long as i can get the bulk of the movie copied and watchable.

try isobuster.

stop using memorex! (a quick forum search for “memorex” will turn up dozens if not hundreds of posts of people having trouble sue to crappy memorex media. read those threads for more information)

also, i’m not sure how acceptable your “copying a dvd for a friend” is in comparison to our forum rules. you may want to contact a mod for clarification to make sure you’re complying with the rules you agreed to when you signed up.

dont ya think that questions in the copy protection forum aren’t any different than his? I believe avi files are within limits…especially since he’s not saying…“I went to blockbuster and grabbed the godfather box set and it won’t copy to my hard drive”…I think we’re gettin a bit picky…no harm intended

use better media… or set nero cd-dvd speed to a low speed like 1x or 2x and see if that can bring the files up

which is why i said i wasn’t sure how it fit in and to consult a mod for clarification. i made no accusations.

i fail to see how avi files are any different from dvds though, but i won’t get into that argument here.

again…i refer to the copy protection forum…games and movies alike…same thing…he never stated a title and yet over there…people freely talk about how some movie wont read w/ anydvd…don’t think anything this minor needs a mod…seems picky…unless u wanna be a mod

no argument at all…just seems trivial unless your scoring brownie points…all he wanted was hard to read avi files on a memorex dvd

As you all know, we give the benefit of the doubt about copyright, and that OPs have read this reminder of the forum rules unless it seems obviously otherwise.

Let’s concentrate on the OP’s burning problem, folks.


I’m not condoning this thread but this might help others to on actual owned content. I don’t recomed this but friends of mine has tried these with success.

All is NOT lost, there is ways that you can remove scratches from CDRs etc.

You can use some toothpaste, also T-cut (you or your Dad might have some of this to clean his car with), brasso are a few things you can use, you could also get a CD repair kit from a shop.

[B]I will not be liable if you try these methods and all fails or worsens, as I never had this issue so this is just a little disclaimer that we all see from time to time[/B].

Another option is to try and find someone you know with a LiteOn drive - these tend to be a bit more forgiving when it comes to disc errors.

I’ve rescued files from pretty trashed discs using a Litey :slight_smile:

LOL I seem to just trash them they may be better now but I always end up burrning then out before a year. :sad:

Yeah, mine seem to take a bit of a beating (mainly ripping/scanning, but I do use them for burning too)…so I’d definitely buy another Litey :iagree:

I also found that the Toshiba AKA Lighting Dawg dvd writer is good too just tried it on a DVD that gave me CRC errors and is working on that drive better. I don’t recomend it but as for ripping and scanning it seems to be a good drive on that.

FYI, its a trilogy of my cat having kittens.

Also i did try the isobuster deal, and it klicked and Klicked at the same spot.

The disc have no scratches, they are in pristine condition.

will try my other drive though!! will let ya know…thanks!!

If that fails it’s the media you used is the problem then.

ya so far its a no go. it gets to 75% and gets stuck trying to read there

Try as many different drives as you can (your own, friends, family, etc). Some drives are better at correcting errors and recovering files than others.

Best I’ve seen in my experience is the LG 4167B, which has recovered almost half a dozen discs with PO Errors that my BenQ 1650 couldn’t recover (CRC errors)

I think LiteOn might be better still, at least my LiteOn CDRW has shown itself to be very good at such tasks, though I’ve never had a LiteOn DVD burner

Use tools like cdbremse or drivespeed to reduce the reading speed, then try again to read out the data to hdd.

use a liteon or you can try to make an image of dvd using clonecd or blindread

if this cant solve then nothing can help recover your data.if the disc has no scratch then you can bet that the recording quality is bad.

Blindsuite started out as an recovery program.
Probably one of the best … of course, that was before copy protections so handily used read-errors as their protection :wink:

You might want to try vobblanker. Here’s a link for you to a recent thread. It worked for me. :iagree: It’s not a recovery program though.