How to record to a How to record to a DVD when using ClearPlay DVD players?

I am not sure I put this question in the right place. So I am sorry if I did.

For every DVD movie I want to copy (so it will be an edited copy) I Buy the original
copy of the DVD movie (I like to have the original case and artwork).

I have the ClearPlay DVD player (It lets you edited the move) but it doesn’t edited the
dvd its self. I tried to play a DVD in the clearplay and plunged it into a DVD recorder but
it will not work.

Someone told me to hook the clearplayer to a non-recorder DVD player and then hook
that player to a DVD recorder. But that didn’t work ether.

Is there any way that I can get it to work.

I have trying to buy the Edited DVDs off the Internet, and they cost way too much money,
and most don’t give you the original case / art work or the original DVD ether.

Note the ClearPlay DVD player is not a computer dvd player.

Information about the DVD Player

RCA Progressive Scan DVD Player (with ClearPlay
Model: DRC232N
Code: NA062
Serial No: E136NCD07

Again, Thank You for your time

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Simplest way would be hooking it up to a DVD recorder, with a ‘video stabalizer’ (good search term) connected in the video line.