How to record streaming media to mp3?

Anyone recommend any software that will record a stream directly to a Mp3 file? I know that Total Recorder will record but I end up with a huge .wav file that I have to convert.
Tia for any info.


i used Total Recorder briefly and thought it had an option to encode directly to mp3.

Yes I looked into it further and I believe the later versions of TR does indeed do it.
Thanks for replying.

Well, r7c can donwnload Real Audio streams and save them as mp3, wav or whatever format you like. You just need a codec you wanna use while saving. May be it is already installed on your computer.

Also in many cases it’s better to download stream and save it in its native format to preserve the quality. Many audio and video streams could be downloaded by HiDownload, StreamDown, NetTransport.

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