How to record sounds off a video clip?


I got a video clip that contain a song that i really like but i dont know whats the name so i wanta record only the audio and make a little audio so i can ask people what might the song title be.

I am trying to record part of a video clips audio, is there any software that can help me to that?

use VirtualDub Mpeg2 and there should be a tutorial on how to rip the audio only here.I’ve used it quite a few times and it works perfect.

THankz, but it didnt work cuz i have to open the file inorder to work it. the video files format is in rm so i was stuck, thanzk anyway. btw would u happen to know some more software that can do my job? :bigsmile:

you can prolly just use plain old windows sound recorder for a sample of perhaps up to 30-60 seconds (start | run Sndrec32 (i think that’s what it’s called in xp)…or

if you have Nero - you can open waveEditor and hit record and save

I have tried the windows one but i got nothing. I played my clip and press the record botton, for a few sec to test it out. After and stoped it and wanta replay it there was nothing.

try a search on google for rm converter software i think it might work, but not to sure with audio, but i no u can change rm to other formats like mpeg, mp3 , avi then u could try to use virtualdub to extract the audio hope it helps

Maybe you might want to look at Total Recorder. Its designed to record whatever is playing through your sound card even if its streaming audio, like internet radio. Replay Music should do the same thing.

Thnkz sikoone, Total Recorder worked like a charm :iagree: