How to record RW media with defective management?

i currently record my DVD+RW with Nero as UDF 1.02 (or 1.50) multisession. This mode doesn’t allow ‘sparable partition’ that uses ‘defective management’ as far as i know. I would have to disable multisession to use it.

I’m not sure if there’s a global TOC that will be rewritten for every session (weak sector) so it could be very useful to have defective management for multisession DVD+RWs.

So, what is the best recording strategy/method for DVD+RW multisession? Is UDF 1.50 in any way superior compared to UDF 1.02 when it comes to prolong life time of DVD+RWs?

Or is the XPSP3 built-in recording function even better than the above method?

I’m wondering why the panasonic driver doesn’t work with DVD+RWs as well. That would be a good option.