How to record (read) book onto CD?

Newbie but can follow directions.
I want to read books onto CD for my aging parents.

I have the following:
PC Windows XP
Nero 7 Ultra enhanced software
*(not yet installed, but was thinking of doing Nero Lite which includes WAV Editor)
Microphone (Logitech USB desktop)
BenQ 1655 (new)
Lite-On DVD (3yrs. old)

Do I need anything else and/or would I be better served by changing something above?

Could someone tell me how to proceed or should I go find a book?


You should easily be able to just record your voice thru the microphone, onto the wav editor, and then burn it onto a cd. of course remember, an audio cd is only 80 minutes long. most audio books i have seen have been 6-10 audio cd´s. If they have a dvd player, you could do the same thing, except author the audio as a dvd movie (without video) and you would have a much longer time to record.

Paldeleon: If you have a CD or DVD player that plays MP3 format, burn your CD as a DATA disc. That will give you approximately 7 hours of music on a CD. If you don’t have a player that can handle this, I suggest the following:

Burn a DATA CD with an MP3 format and take it down to your local electronics store. It should not be hard to find one that plays and at a very affordable price.

For a lower tech approach, you can use your telephone to make your recordings.

There’s a service called LifeOnRecord Journals where you basically dial a phone number, make recordings, and then those recordings get podcasted to iTunes so that you can make your own CDs. Otherwise the service will send you CDs. You can also get to them over the web with the service.