How to Record Protected with Macrovision material using your VCR

Here is how Macrovision works:
Macrovision is an analog protection system (APS).
That is found on most Video Tapes/DVDs.
The secret is that APS all it does is manipulate the switch
E.E. level that is found on most old VCRs.
By adjusting the E.E. Level on a VCR. ASP will adjust the E.E. Level
to such an extent that it will have no entertainment value.
In order to copy APS protected material simply unscrew your VCR with a screwdriver and then, adjust
the E.E. Level switch in the VCR using your screwdriver to foward not reverse and presto!
APS is adjusted to the right amount of brightness.
Now you can tape APS material with out experiencing poor picture quality.
(Please note: this only works on old VCRs that have the E.E. level switch.)
supported methods: DVD to VCR or VCR to VCR. Do not try this on a DVD
Recorder, otherwise it will give you the “copy protected” message.

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How will we know whether our VCRs have this “EE switch”?

Opening the VCR like modding it, would be a good start.
Alot of the old VCRs have this E.E. Level switch/setting.
It was found to be a leak in (APS). So, “NEW” VCRs have removed this
E.E. Level.

At least some sort of description would be useful for others. So what should we look for, when we’ve taken the top off the VCR?

Get a flashlite look for the [E.E.] E.E. level switch/setting adjust the screwdriver to the right at max as possible then you will notice a macrovision free signal. allowing you to record it in perfect picture.
This only applies to old VCRs that have this setting.
(Please Note: not all old VCRs have this setting.)

I have tested this on the following old VCR makers:
Samsung made in korea not china.
and many more.

Is it possible for you to take a picture or something, so we could recognise an “E.E. switch”.

Model numbers for the VCRs you have tested would be useful too.

There are too many VCRs I tested that allow anyone to adjust the E.E. Level setting. I would go with Panasonic/Quasar VCRs those are the old VCRs. That should work on.
The E.E. level switch is Easy to find.

I found out that Samsung VCRs made in “Korea” allow you to bypass APS.

Ok I tried the “EE switch” idea and could not find any such switch so I tried one called bias and that didn’t work so I just just started turning all the potentiometers and the one called AGC did the trick. So I would add to that advice by saying the EE switch can also be called the AGC switch. Turn it up too much and the picture is bleached so just adjust it until the picture is not over bright and the macrovision is gone and you’re in business

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Is this just a free way of getting the same effect as an external unit like the Sima CT-1, CT-2 and CT-200?

The only problem with SIMA is that it removes the Closed Captions on the video other than that it works great.


Hmmm, I’m not sure how adjusting the E-E level (The voltage level of the video signal that’s passed through the Electronics; hence the term E-E – electronics to electronics) would have any bearing on the automatic gain that’s applied to the video signal that’s recorded… and that macrovision is desired to defeat.

Maybe you just had an older video recorder(s) that isn’t affected by macrovision anyway??