How to record on cd?

i recently downloaded some music from bitorent. but I dont know how to record on the music on my cds. can anybody help me. I am new to this.

Welcome to the forum. If the files are legal we need to know some more information.
What cd/dvd burner do you have?
What burning software do you have?
What type of file are you trying to record?

You need some sort of burning program.

Try Nero for starters, at least it will get you going and if your music is of the incorrect format, it will tell you so.

If you want Audio CDs, like you buy in the shops then a good , free program is Burrrn (

Use NERO! If you want to burn an audio cd which is playable on older standalone players select AUDIO CD, then you’ll be able to add tracks to fit ~80min (depending on the cd). And if you want mp3 then select data mode. Happy burning!
le site 100% bittorent …

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Seems to me you’re asking advice about making illegal copies of copyrighted material. This is not allowed on this board.
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