How to Record Off of T.V

Is their a program that will record video being imported onto my computer. I wanted to hook a video cable up to my computer from my tv and record. Is their a programs that will let me do that. I have searched all over the place. Please help.

You will need a video/TV capture card to begin with. For better quality, a hardware MPEG2 encoder is recommended.

^^ hardware mpeg2 encoders have good quality mpeg files, but are limited to that, they cannot produce raw AVI stream, read this article about differences between tv capture cards:

i got a Terratec Cinergy 400 last month, and it is great, on my Athlon 1333, i can encodes realtime mpeg2 stream in GQ DVD format, above that i start getting lost frames. i am also able to real-time encode xvid streams, but in a small windows 320x240.

Buy a TV Tuner Card (PCI), preferably Pinnacle. It will do the job. Have a look at it here: