How to record "hold muzak" when put on hold?

I called a customer service # this morning and was put on interminable hold.,
But I didn’t mind because the hold music was an infinite repeating loop of
dreamy ambient music (my favorite kind of music these days).

I liked it so much I wanted to try to record it so I pressed the “speaker”
button on my hand-me-down cordless phone, but that caused my phone to go dead
and I lost the connection. :o(

I’d be grateful if you guys would brainstorm with me to come up with a way to
record that hold muzak to an MP3. Then I might be able to use one of those song
identifier web sites to find out the name of the piece and the name of the

Is there an app I could install on my cell phone that would record the music while I’m on hold?

Tele bandwidth is 3kHz. We’re talking AM radio stuff. I use to tap into the ear-cup. Mic the audio from the handset.

Use your landline if you want better quality.

Here are some circuits for recording calls:


Thanks for the suggestions!