How to record (copy) a DVD when using ClearPlay DVD players?

How to record to a DVD when using ClearPlay DVD players?

For every DVD movie I want to copy (so it will be an edited copy) I Buy the original copy of the DVD movie (I like to have the original case and artwork).

I have the ClearPlay DVD player (It lets you edited the move) but it doesn’t edited the dvd its self. I tried to play a DVD in the clearplay and plunged it into a DVD recorder but it will not work.

Someone told me to hook the clearplayer to a non-recorder DVD player and then hook that player to a DVD recorder. But that didn’t work ether.

Is there any way that I can get it to work.

I have trying to buy the Edited DVDs off the Internet, and they cost way too much money, and most don’t give you the original case / art work or the original DVD ether.

Note the ClearPlay DVD player is not a computer dvd player.

Information about the DVD Player

RCA Progressive Scan DVD Player (with ClearPlay)
Model: DRC232N
Code: NA062
Serial No: E136NCD07

Again, Thank You for your time

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I guess you did not read too many post on this forum, because by now you would know that commercial DVD cannot be copied.
You have to rip it to your computer with ripping software, than edit with other or same software and burn new disc.
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