How to record Cable TV Station above #125 (Panasonic DMR-ES35V - DVD recorder / VCR combo)

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I’m new to cable and FIOS and need to figure out how to record stations above 125.

The DVR auto scans and “see’s” up to 125 but won’t allow me to even manually enter any station above that.

This is not an old model so I would assume this can be done.

Thanks for your HELP!

If a recorder has an ATSC (digital) tuner it actually tunes all the “stations” but will not display any that are encoded by your program provider. The DMR-ES35V has a NTSC (analog) tuner that will not display any “stations” encoded by your program provider.

To view or record encoded “stations” you need the satellite or cable box. These boxes unscramble those encoded signals and map them to various “channels” as determined by your provider’s tuning device. You may input that signal to your recorder or TV.

If you have channel numbers above 125 on your cable, I presume you have digital cable. To record these channels requires you to use a convertor box from the cable company. You’ll have to connect the video and audio out from the convertor to the video and audio in on the recorder and set the box to the channel you wish to record. The recorder will need to be set to ‘Line In’.

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I am using the cable co’s own box (verizon FIOS) so I’m still not understanding what to do about recording cable stations above 125.