How to record and watch a different channel

PLEASE HELP!!!My Brain is fried… I picked up a comcast digital box a couple days ago now my sv2000 dvd recorder/vcr(cheapo from walmart) worked great untill I hooked up the cable box. I finally managed to get what I thought was the right connection but I when I record I cant watch a different channel… Whats the point…Ive tried many different things I can’t even begin to tell you what they are. I’m hoping you can tell me step by step preferably because of the brain damage I have from trying to figure this out for two days. There needs to be a smiley face icon with smoke coming from the top of his head on here…Thank you a head of time just reading my post. I have a50 inch hitachi 50gx49b TV if that helps at all

Try using a 2 way RF single splitter before the cable box - one side going to the box the other side going to the TV - switch what you view using the TV remote.