How to recognize Safedisc 2?

Does anybody a tool which can recognize safedisc 2 and where can i find it?

erm… i dunno how to recognize it, but i think it’s on a red alert 2 by example

Use Clony. The current English version is 1.07C.

clony is a great little uttil. i have plex 12/10/32a and clony picked up safe disk 2 on a game calleddelat force land warrior. so i used clone cd with settings

read subchannel data from data tracks checked
read subchannel data from data audio tracks checked
fast error skipping checked

and in fast error skip window had

read retries set to 3
error correction set to none

and max read speed 4x(705k/Bytes)

and it worked perfectly! :slight_smile:

I understood the the new Plextors have the SafeDisk 2.0 enabled. Have you dibled it somehow. If so, how did you do it?