How to recognize MIJ 8X Maxell DVD+R

It seems a lot of people are confusing with the MID of 8X Maxell DVD+R blank media and the label of MJT or MIJ. I have a tip for those people who can see the top of the media. Since it’s just my experience, I do not guarantee it works 100%.

  1. I tried about 100 times, did not find any DVD-R is MIJ. All of them come with a mirrored hub label “VR5*****” (I do not remember exactly), and it should be from Ritek.

  2. Most DVD+R come with a MIT label, some of them have MIJ label over the original label. Most of the batchs with MIJ label over MIT label are true, and MID is “MAXELL002”, but you have to check it through the hub label of the media, if you can not see any mirrored label like “VR5CH****” (try different angles), it must be “MAXLEE002” media, otherwise, it is from Ritek.

As of the quality, I compared both medias, “Ritek” and “Maxell002”, the surface of Maxell002 looks better than Ritek and the color (Purple?) is lighter too (the color is more like Verbatim’s color). I also compared the scan quality, the maxell002’s looks better, but the scores are same (all 95 from nero).

For myself, I like the Maxell002. Hope you guys like it, and have a good luck to find it.
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Can you show us a picture maybe?

I can see the “VR5…” code in the hub of my 8x Ridata discs.