How to recognize, copy and/or rip protected audio music CD?



Try another programs, maybe “SoundTaxi”. :iagree:
It helps to convert drm protected media and saves the recordings on your computer as unprotected MP3, WMA etc. So you may operate your music files without any limits in future (mp3 player, burn od cd)))


See the EAC which version thread in this subforum.


Would it be possible to recommand AudioGrail for everything that deals with ID3 tags in this topic ??

Feel free to contact me directly for more details or tech support :wink:


The same thing happened to me. I’m not sure which disc did it. I have a generic CD-ROM drive and an HP CD52 Writer that no longer work AT ALL. The LED lights. The drive spins. The LED goes out. There’s a pause. The disc is ejected.


The Simple but costly is buy a BurnIt Cd Professional CD Burner cost £299. This machine will copy any Copy protected CD. You can then either put the copy protect back or leave it off.
Another way is to purchase a M Audio Co3. Just Play a Copy procected Cd though this device and it will strip away the Protection. cost £130.


Has anyone found anymore drives that can bypass/stop the protection?

And does this drive [in fact] stop the protection?


The higher a drive scores on the sheep test the better.
I haven’t come across many CD’s that CDex or EAC wont rip.
I haven’t come across many CD’s that CloneCD wont dupe a protection free back-up.
You can search the CDF archives/forums and the Internet for methods to by-pass any protection that’s possible to by-pass.
When I can’t I make an analog back-up.
What are you trying to do?


Why you guys do this in such a troublesome way?
Try noteburner! I came across with it on net a month ago. It can convert any protected AUDIO FILES to plain files which can be played anywhere. I can enjoy my music in iTunes with it since I GOT the awesome product!!
It’s soooooooooooooo good!!


@[B]hellomusic[/B]: Of course you’d recommend [name of spammy program] since you work for the company that makes/sells this software.

Spamming is not allowed here. You spam, I ban. :cop:


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