How to recognize, copy and/or rip protected audio music CD?



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Try this to your Cactus protected audio CD.
Use CloneCD to read and write the cd.
Use Protected PC Game profile and default setting so you should have 1:1 copy from orginal music CD.

Works with Liteon LTR-52246S

Originally posted by ginsoakedboy

I have a CD protected w\ CDS200.0.4 3.0 build 12b, aparently very similar to the one you have.
My cd player reads it with the same player you had wich is installed when i inser the cd.

Did you manage to rip your cd? Or to extract the audio files to your disk (that would be fine for me - i could then burn a cd…)

And does anyone know how i can rip this. i was trying to avoid the marker trick, cause it’s not my cd…

if anyone has an idea please post it or email it to me.


Found a SOlution! Check this post:

thanx. :smiley: [/B]
:wink: :wink: :smiley:


I was in holydays in my uncle’s home, and he needed a backup of a doc.loc protected CD (Lagoa vol 11). None of his drives recognized the CD (there was an Asus burner between 32 and 46x, I don’t remember the other CD ROM).
Even EAC wouldn’t read it, it was stuck in an endless loop, loading and loading the TOC.

1st trick (nothing new)
CloneCD, inserting the CD after the program is started, successfully extracted the image.

But the copy burned from this image was unusable ! The resulting audio CD was not recognized neither in the computer, nor in hifi players.

2nd trick :
I had to rename the image.img file to image.raw, open it in goldwave, save it to wav.
Then, the cuesheet was not recognized, so I had to update the filename, change the “BINARY” statement to “WAVE”, and, the less obvious part, add a new line for track one :
INDEX 00 00:00:00
that was missing (index 1 was at 00:10:00).

At last Nero could burn it properly.


After succesfull ripping Robbie Williams’s Escapology with a Plex12TS, Plex40TS and Plex12/4/32 (using EAC), I tested the CD in my ASUS DVD616.

And I must say, the results surprised me: autorun was enabled, so the cactus player loaded. This usually means the autorun fucked up the windows-cd approach, so it would be useless to even try ripping.
Well, against any form of common sence, I loaded MusicMatch Jukebox. What happened: All 14 tracks were listed in the ripping window, with the correct tracklength. In fact, in any other ripping program I used, the tracks are listed like it was any other non protected audio-cd.

I don’t know if the Asus handles all protections that well, but the CDS200 (12b) that’s used on RW’s Escapology sure is. My other protected audio cd’s (Key2audio and other CDS versions) are at my girlfriend’s place, so I’ll test them later with the ASUS.


Thats right, it is an error in the copy protection. even when you push pause on tzhe player all the audio trakcs can be copied with the explorer :wink:


Has somebody built a following matrix:

Name of the Copy control system (including version number)
Principle method of working (how it does it’s magic)
Does it cause distored (or altered) audio signal?
How to circumvent it (software/drive/other)?
An example CD employing this system?

It would be really nice.

I’ve been trying to find a single representative disc of each copy control system.

I’ve only been able to Find Cactus 200 and Key2Audio (version unknown) locally.

In some ways this is a relief, but I would like to get a sample of each of the following copy control mechanisms, to try them out for myself:

Cactus Data Shield 100 Availability: -

Cactus Data Shield 200 Availability: ++
Foo Fighters: One by One
Kent: Vapen & Ammunition
Alicia Keys: Songs in A Minor
Massive Attack: 100th window (helmikuu)
Paradise Lost: Symbol of Life
Phil Collins: Testify

Cactus Data Shield 300 Availability: –

Key2Audio Availability: ++
System of a Down: Steal This Album!
Star Wars Episode 2 soundtrack

Doc.loc Availability: -

MediaCloq 1.0 Availability: –

MediaCloq 2.0 Availability: –

SafeAudio Availability: –

SafeAudio 3:



Coffeshop 4:

If some of the above copy control mechanisms are old, dead & buried, then I don’t want to spend my time on them.

Can somebody help me to fill in the gaps by telling me:

A) Which systems distort original audio data (e.g. overwrite original PCM data with noise and label them with P-codes).

B) Which CDs could be a representative of a certain copy control mechanism (assuming I find the right pressing).



A lot of the information you want can be found in the audio section of the German forum Brennmeister.

Btw: to make such an ultimate list you need to remember:

protections differ from pressing to pressing, from country to country, from continent to continent
the outcome of the scan depends on the used drive, so you need a lot of drives
because you don’t know how the drive/firmware deals with non-redbook compliant cds you are never sure if you get the right information (for example: a drive may hide an illegal session, because it can’t deal with it)
audio protections come in a lot of versions, it is really hard to determine the minute differences


I have Roxette - The Pop Hits.
I made a backup with clone CD…
It work well BUT…
all songs are damaged (scratch) al 9 second.

During the ripping process, Clone told me about some sectors:

reading sector n. #### failure

4 sector for each track!
Someone can help me?

Also this CD has a Player on the cd called wnmp.exe and dummy files on 2nd section.


Originally posted by Pio2001
[B]If you need to make a digital copy of a protected CD via SPDIF, slave the clock of your soundcard to the SPDIF input if it is possible, it’s the only way to get bit-perfect copies.
Otherwise, an asynchronous sample rate conversion is performed on the incoming data to prevent drop outs due to clock drift. It doesn’t affect the sound very much, but it’s better to have lossless copies.

Works with MAudio Audiophile 2496, Terratec DMX 6fire, Terratec EWX, Hoontech DSP, Echo Mia, Marian Marc2, Midiman delta DIO…

Not supported by Creative labs or Hercules soundcards. [/B]

WRONG use a piece of tape or a marker on the CD and do it that way it blocks out the illegal TOC’s
or use the digital input/output on your soundcard and your stereo system that works well too.



Did you even read the article??? :confused:


Originally posted by lestodante
I have Roxette - The Pop Hits.
all songs are damaged (scratch) al 9 second.

This is a hallmark sign of Cactus Data shield 200.

The only known way to circumvent it is to use Plextools with a Plextor drive. I have not been able to circumvent it in any other way (tried CloneCD, Alcohol 120%, Easy CD-DA Extractor 5.10, CDP32, EAC, WinDAC with various settings, using a LiteOn, Yamaha, Sony and LG drives).

Plextools with single/first session only + DAE extraction at max 4x will result in a good rip using a Plextor drive.



Ok guys, I need A LOT of help. I’m not too good with computers but whatever… I have to CD’s, they’re spanish, and they happen to have copy protection. The CD’s are 1. Los Matadores Del Genero and 2. Sopranos “First Season”. The first says on the CD, the back of the CD case, and inside in the booklet “This CD will not Play in PC/MAC” and on the back side of the CD (the side that is played) it says “Mastered by Sony Music Mexico”. The second CD also says “Mastered by Sony Music Mexico” and “This CD will not play on PC/MAC” on one part of the booklet. I tried using ClonyXXL but it didn’t read the protection on them, it said something about a CD burned wrong or something. I used CloneCD in Audio format and copied them but that didn’t work either. With the information I’ve given is it possible the CD’s have a “Key2Audio” protection and how can I succesfully burn copies? I really need copies because I like listening to music on my computer and my originals are getting a bit scratched too! Please help. In case you need this info to help, I have 2 disc drives: Matshita DVD-ROM SR-8586 and a LG CD-RW CED-8120B. Hope you guys can help…Thanks!


Use the tips mentioned in this article, if that doesn’t work your hardware can’t deal with it so you are out of luck…


If they are pressed by sony it’s key2 audio protection, use the search future of the forum to bypass protection.

Good Luck!


I live in Japan and trying to rip a protected cd, I think the protection is “labelgate”
What program do i use?
I have Plextor PX-708A


Never heard of this protection, did you try with a protection scanner? Clonecd 1st session only won’t make it?


so is it true that CDS200 is 1 of Sony’s favorites ?? cos i hav a few CDs from japan that uses it and it is aka a CCCD. i hav also discovered that they plan to use a new protection which they named CCCD2…i dun think any1 here can read japanese so i wont bother linking the source on here…



I’m trying to make a (-; backup :wink: copy of a CD (Goodbye Lenin - Yann Tiersen - EMI )-: ) which is protected by CDS 200 5.0 (I think). I’ve tried using Clone CD and EAC without using markers / tape (don’t want to damage drive as it is not mine!) and I can read 19 tracks but only one is a music track (No. 18) - the rest show up as data tracks.

From reading the start of this thread I assume my hardware is too old to allow the software to make a copy without using tricks. I’m using the following drives:

IDE CD R/RW 4x4x32 1.10

The CD writer won’t even mount the CD in question but the Samsung Drive will.

Does anyone have any tips on how I can successfully make a copy without having to change my hardware? (I’ve tried making an analog copy via the line-in but the soundcard on the machine is just a built-in one (low quality hardware I know but I’m working with what I’ve got to hand!!) so the copy is not of viable quality.

Thanks in advance for any help,

Kaktus Fox


did anyone try the new AnyDVD to circumvent audio copy protections?


Originally posted by sasha79
Never heard of this protection, did you try with a protection scanner? Clonecd 1st session only won’t make it?

This is what I found when I searched for “Labelgate” at Google.Seems pretty interesting./gs.


Originally posted by KaktusFox

I’m trying to make a (-; backup :wink: copy of a CD[/B]

Hi Kaktus,

No offense is intended, but some of us really are backing up our licensed media. I don’t know about you, but after the third time I’ve bought a particular CD, I’m thinking a backup seems like a pretty good idea.