How to recognize, copy and/or rip protected audio music CD?



For Upp3rd0G :

Just received a 3 page scan of the report for shakira’s cd. I can mail them to you but i don’t have your email address. Please send me email so i can reply with pics!


Cool! Please mail it to:




I sent them now!


Please could you tell me where I can download SCOUT?

Also can anyone help me with this:-

When copying audio cd’s I use clony xxl
After scanning the cd in clony I change the read settings to max then start clone cd but the read audio cd setting on clone cd stays at x4 this is alot slower than I would like.
can you tell me why clony will not transfer or clone cd will not accept the altered settings.
If I manually start clone cd without using clony then go to copy an audio cd, clone cd will let me change the speed, if going from clony it will not give me the option to manually change the read speed.

Help please


ClonyXXL doesn’t always work while copying audio protected cds. (Read the first post of this thread for more explanation.)

For CloneCD just use the audio profile, make whatever changes you want to make to the profile but leave the option ‘read first session only’ ticked. The audio readspeed in CloneCD depends on the setting of the ‘Audio Extraction Quality’ option in the audio profile.

Good luck!



Thanks for your help Upp3rd0G.
I am going to download Feurio and try that for copying Audio CD’s.

It was good of you to take the time to reply to an unknown newbie.

Catch you later.



I have this new CD from Muse called Hullabaloo. It’s a double CD and only one is protected. The publisher is Universal. Produced in Germany.
But, none of the descriptions fit very good with what has been written about audio protection.

  1. If you insert and explore the CD, it contains only a player (called wmmp.exe and not cactus-something.exe) and no tracks (ie no data and no audio tracks)
  2. inspected with cloneCD you get 2 sessions,
    first session with 10 tracks, the 9 first ones are 1722kB in size, the last one is 399405 kB. (but the music is actually 11 tracks !!)
    second session is 1 track with 323420 kB
    So the CD is full up to 73min,58sec
  3. there’s nothing written on the cover about MidBar Tel Aviv or else. There’s no markin in ce CD center as for Key2Audio
  4. Visual inspection gives one 1mm wide line at approx. the end of the audio. No fine lines between the tracks as reported in MediaCloq
  5. ClonyXXL finds only Dummy tracks (but then again I have a problem with the aspi layer and I can only start ClonyXXL without aspi :confused: )
  6. Trying to make a CD image with clone CD using all of the advices given in the first post of this thread results in:
  • most sectors 1 ~ 700 (track 1) are defect
  • in each following track some sectors are defect.
  • so produced CD image does not work.
  • takes an awful lot of time

If trying to make an image including session 2 (above was made with only session 1), CD-ROM gets in an infinite reading state and it’s difficult to stop it (ie kill task etc.)

So here are my questions:

  • What CD protection is this? (Is universal using different protections in Europe than in USA?)
  • May some of the issues be related to my hardware (writer TEAC CD-W512EB firmw: 2.0B, reader TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-M1502 firmw:1008) and not solely to the protection.
  • What advices are there to back-up this thing (except recording the audio, that’s not what I call a solution :smiley: )

Thanks for an answer and sorry for the long post.


Sorry for disturbing you with the message above.
The CD is protected with CDS200.0.4 3.0 build 16c


Good you figured it out yourself. How about the player-issues you mentioned? Did they change the name of the player? Is there really no reference to Midbar somewhere on the cover or inlay?


Nope, no reference to Midbar on the packaging and the player is called wmmp.exe.
I figured out it was Cactus beause of the version.txt file which appears in the “Player” folder.

Still I can’t copy it though (with cloneCD I mean).


Best regards FlatQuantum


I’m not surprised that protected cd are sold with no warning. If there is a specific player they don’t have to mention “will not play…” because it can play.

In France Kate Ryan audio cd is protected but it’s printed in very little characters. I don’t have this cd so i couldn’t test it but it’s probably cds or key2audio.


Actually on the packaging it is written that the CD is protected with a BIG logo as seen here and a web address is given ti get “more info” which is

The full text translates to something like:
This CD is protected against Copying. It is intended to be played on standard CD-players and computer with Windows operating system. More infos at



I copied a Key2Audio disc easily with a Macintosh computer.

My PowerMac G4 running Mac OS X just displayed the data part of the CD as a drive icon (when you clicked it a read error came up) and a music part. I just ripped all the files from the CD and burned them to CD.

The reader was the internal MATSHITA DVD-RAM and the writer was YAMAHA CRW-F1DX


Toshiba 1502 can’t read cactus.



I have a CD protected w\ CDS200.0.4 3.0 build 12b, aparently very similar to the one you have.
My cd player reads it with the same player you had wich is installed when i inser the cd.

Did you manage to rip your cd? Or to extract the audio files to your disk (that would be fine for me - i could then burn a cd…)

And does anyone know how i can rip this. i was trying to avoid the marker trick, cause it’s not my cd…

if anyone has an idea please post it or email it to me.


Found a SOlution! Check this post:

thanx. :smiley:


That depends on you drive. You can read a specific thread on that subject in this forum.
In short : 1 : Plextor with Plextools
2 : EAC with other brands (expert mode, detect toc)


Thanx 4 all thes tips guys its a very interesting topic and a hard nut to crack.


Dwnld EAC and selected settings as advised in coaster factory for reader (Sony) and writer (Plex 1210) Eac read wav files and sent them to folder. Now, does EAC also write the files ?? If so I couldn’t figure out how so I used Easy CD creator to copy wav files. Did I do it right? Will eac take out a glitch automatically that was in this audio cd? Still learning-thanx


EAC has a writing engine, but it is not as good as the rest of the program. It is usuable, but I always burn my EAC-extracted-wavs with Nero.


Burned it with cd creator, played and it seems to be ok, don’t know about the glitch I had in one track wasn’t listening carefully-we’ll see. To use nero should I uninstall east cd creator (Plex)