How to reburn a DVD+RW to "as new" condition

Greetings from Newbie “Bessie”

Can anybody tell me how to return a used DVD+RW to as new condition?

My problem is born from the fact that my SONY RDR-DC105 will not accept a DVD+RW disk that has been used - even once. I have tried all methods of erasing the disks, reformatting, bitchanging, etc, all with the same result. An error message from SONY that the disk is unusable or words to that effect.

A brand new DVD+RW is automatically formatted by SONY immediately.

I have a large number of recorded DVD+RWs that I wish to re-record. I have asked SONY for advice, with no result.

I have both Sony (PC) and Samsung SE 208AB burners available, together with NERO Burning ROM (Nero 9) software.

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The best software for erasing I have found is ImgBurn .
I can’t say if it will erase thoroughly enough for your Sony.

Does the Sony unit have an option to format as well as an erase in its menu ?

I have Magnavox DVD recorders . They are really Funai . They have a service menu that can be accessed only with the correct IR code from a universal remote that allows IR codes to be manually put into them. The erase from this mode is very thorough . That may not help you unless the Sony has something similar. I found the code the hard way by going through about a 1000 codes.

Hello Cholla,

I have tried Imgburn without success

Yes, the Sony recorder will format as well as erase - but it has to recognise the disk
first. It automatically formats a new disc, but will not accept an erased used one.

Thanks for the Magnavox tip, but Im not sure how it helps. I have 3 Sony recorders, but only the RDR-DC105 is a problem! The earlier models work fine with erased disks. Such is Sonys development progress!

I hate to suggest it, but there’s always the old “physical erase” option: leave the disc face up in direct sun for 30 min.

another thought: what type formatting is the Sony using when it accepts a new disc? Perhaps you need to duplicate that formatting on the used discs.

Problem is that I live in Finland, ie no sun for a few months yet!

How can I know what format the Sony is using? Ive asked Sony, but they dont seem willing, or able, to help.

[QUOTE=Bessie;2672426]Problem is that I live in Finland, ie no sun for a few months yet!

How can I know what format the Sony is using? Ive asked Sony, but they dont seem willing, or able, to help.[/QUOTE]

How about a sun lamp? :bigsmile: It’s UV you are after.

Put one of discs that the Sony has formatted in your PC and check the formatting. You can use most of the popular burning tools to check disc properties, or Windows might tell you. If it’s some form of packet writing or UDF it should be easy to find out.
DVD video uses different formatting than other types.

[QUOTE=Bessie;2672420] It automatically formats a new disc, but will not accept an erased used one. [/QUOTE]
Will it accept an RW recorded on one of the other units with the recording still on it to format or erase ?

Thanks for the Magnavox tip, but I`m not sure how it helps. [/QUOTE]
I posted that because it is possible that Sony has a hidden service menu. I don’t know if Sony does of if it could be accessed similar to the Magnavox . Just something you might try if you have a universal remote with this type capability .

I now have a Sony RDR-DC105 formatted disc in my PC, but using Nero 9 software can not find out how the disk is formatted!

I have managed to retrieve the following from Disk Speed:-

Nero DiscSpeed: Disc Info
Basic Information
Disc type: : DVD+RW
Book Type : DVD+RW
Manufacturer: : unknown
MID : MBIPG101 W04 000 (00h)
Write speeds: : 2.4 X - 4 X
Blank Capacity : n/a
Extended Information
Layers : 1
Write strategies : 4 X
Raw Data
Physical Format Information (00h)
0000 - 92 0F 04 00 00 03 00 00 00 06 40 0F 00 00 00 00 - …@…
0010 - 00 00 01 4D 42 49 50 47 31 30 31 57 30 34 00 39 - …MBIPG101W04.9
0020 - 23 00 94 79 64 02 20 00 9C 7A 6C 02 20 00 9A 7B - #…yd…zl…{
0030 - 68 02 20 12 12 10 E0 00 F0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 - h…
0040 - 01 00 17 38 00 29 8B 3E 02 24 00 2D 8E 38 02 24 - …8.).>.$.-.8.$
0050 - 00 2C 90 3E 02 24 44 35 30 E0 F0 30 40 00 00 00 - .,.>.$D50…0@…

… but it means nothing to me.

My PC (HP) ODD reports “No Disk”, whereas the Samsung ODD give the above report.

I now know I could have attached the file,. but didn`t then!


I checked a disc recorded on one of my Magnavox with Nero CD-DVD Speed .Other than mine showing the manufacturer. The main difference is mine shows “Disc Status Closed” . You might check the settings on your recorders & see if they are closing or finalizing discs.
I also have Nero 9 . In it instead of Nero CD-DVD Speed it has Nero DiscSpeed 5 version .
It doesn’t show disc status . The older version I have does.
Nero DiscSpeed & Nero CD-DVD Speed both have this feature :
Extra pulldown /Erase Disc. Select “Full” & Format .
When I put the "Formatted " DVD in my Magnavox & tried to record . It gave a message “This disc is not recordable” . I then used the regular menu “Erase” function . That made the disc recordable.
You might give that a try.

My units have a setting “Make recording compatable” . This seems to help play discs in other units & accept discs recorded in other units. Maybe Sony has something similar.