How to rebuild a computer...?

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I have an old 5011CL Compaq computer with a 1.2 (1200) AMD Athlon CPU and 256 RAM, and the case has the USB connects in the front. (this belongs to a friend, I am using this puter until can rebuild another one…My three year old ECS MoBo crashed, so I don’t know if it would be worth (trusting) another ECS and go to a Asus, or Abit MoBo the next time.
I would like to buy a new (ATX, I think because this Compaq tower is small ) tower with the USB in the front again. Internal Fans and a heat sink, because it’s a hot room where the computer is hooked up at.
For a point of reference on how I would build it, I have noted a system MoBo/CPU Combo below from a local Electronics Store Ad.

**AMD Athlon 64 Cpu 3500 & ABIT NF-M2S Motherboard

**NVidia NF 405 Chipset,

**Onboard GeForce 6100, …(would this be sufficient or do I buy another PCI or Express AGP faster than this?)

**DDR2 800 …(would something like DDR2 PC-6400 work as long as it’s 800 MHz?..

**7.1 Audio (I would not use a SB Audigy soundcard with this?)
When I buy a Mobo with onboard sound, do I really need another sound card?

** Sata 3G RAID ???

I want to do Video editing with my old Analog Camcorder tapes, So I would probably need a good AGP and a sound card, or maybe the one onboard is good enough…you see, I don’t know, but I really don’t want to spend $1,000 either. I know you get what you pay for but financially, I am not wealthy by any means,but would like to update…maybe even to a 4.2 CPU, if that matters much.

I have my old 350 Power supply,two optical drives,floppy,and will need a case with two fans onboard.

I also use memory hungry Photoshop, and do a lot of music editing, so I’m guessing a bigger than 80 Gig HD I already have would more be like a 200, 250, or 500 HD.

I have not yet rebuilt a new system with a Bios, or Hard drive before, and wondered how hard it would be and the sequence of hardware to install.

Thank you for reading this, and f you can recommend any self-build, walk me throuh this sites, I’d appreciate it.
Thank You for any or all the info you may have, and I apologize for the many questions, but I’d hate for this one to crash too.
Have a nice day! :iagree:

Analogue tapes? You´ll be converting them to digital…then editing with what? Premiere? It´s a hungry process meaning you´ll need tons of grunt…I´ve done it with this laptop and it can get bogged down for hours.
Just keep that in mind when deciding on cpu and ram.

Lots of HD is also a help…but you should also think about how much you need cos you may have problems backing up 500GB unless you get a second drive as big…!

You might want to post the prices for the parts you are looking at so people have a reference to recommend other parts. DDR2 800 is DDR2 pc6400. If the motherboard says it is DDR2 800, that means that is the fastest memory it can run. You can run that speed or slower memory. You might be able to run faster memory but it will not run at full speed. It will only run at DDR2 pc6400 speeds. personally I would not get slower memory, I would get DDR2 800 (pc6400). Fyi, DDR2 675 = DDR2 pc5400, DDR2 533 = DDR2 pc4300 etc. Your board should run any of these (check the specs but most run the majority of slower memory’s), but of course you will get less performance.

As far as if you need a sound card or video card? Thats kind of a personal choice. It will run fine with the onboard sound and video (assuming you get a motherboard that does have them onboard). They will probably slow down your performance a bit. Also a sound card may sound better than onboard sound but only you can decide if the onboard sound is good enough? If you have a nice sound system, then maybe get a sound card. If you are just running some cheap stereo speakers, then it might be a waste. Sata raid just means that you can run raid if you want to (its capable of it). For raid you need multiple drive that are identical. Raid can increase speed or give data redundancy. Its just an available feature though, you don’t have to use it.

Personally, if budget is an issue, I would concentrate on cpu and ram before I would video and sound cards. You might want to consider an e6300 and at least 1 gig pc6400 with xp or 2 gig with vista if you are going to be doing video work.

Also, check the 12v rail on your power supply. A 350 watt is enough for a basic system, but an older power supply might not have enough power on the 12v rail for a newer system, while a newer power supply (the same size) will likely have more.

The only thing I can probably say is Sata drives are overrated and are just more of a hastle. For instance, I own an IDE Maxtor (I think its Maxtor) in one of my computers, and IDE Maxtor’s only need their own Floppy…as for Sata’s, you gotta use your XP Disk first, then put the 3rd Party Drivers onto a Floppy (which could take a hell uva lotta time to find out which set it is to begin with), and then install XP…pretty lame if you ask me. And I don’t notice any changes in Sata Drives versus IDE’s, they run about the same to me.

As for Graphics Cards, I got a Ge-Force 7800 in mine, onboard sound (onboard sound is about the same as a 24bit sound card I believe now-a-days). I have a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 in my other computer, and its a very nice sound card.