How to Read Samsung Model Numbers. What's the Dif B/F, L/Q?

The first two 2’s = speed
222 = 22x

The third digit = interface
222 = PATA
223 = SATA

What’s the difference between B and F?
223B = 22x, SATA
223F = 22x, SATA

What’s the difference between L and Q?
223L = 22x, SATA, LightScribe
223Q = 22x, SATA, LightScribe


223B and 223L are the second generation of 22x drives. Compared to their predecessors, they have different hardware.

So, the 223F has nothing over teh 223B and the 223Q has nothing over the 223L?

The only thing they have in common, is, that they are made by TSSTcorp and that they are (theoretically) able to burn certain DVD media at 22x max.

There are not much owners of this new drive around here, so the question “which is better” cannot be answered.

I think Sony did a similar nomenclature with numbers/letters but each letter meant a different capability, lightscribe, label flash and son on.
It seems that Samsung makes letter changes with no feature change.
Perhaps it lets them know in house of build or material changes with no change to feature sets.