How to read S.M.A.R.T. info from 4163B

hi guys, accdg to Nero InfoTool, this drive supports SMART.
however, software such as Everest ( only seem to support
hard drives when querying SMART info.

i also tried to use smartctl ( under linux but it reports
the drive doesnt support SMART.

do you guys know any software that can read SMART info from this ODD?

Where can you see the information? I can’t see SMART support, but then this motherboard seems to miss SMART support even for HDDs.

oh sorry for that. it was not under Nero Info Tool but rather under DVD Info Pro’s Drive General Features. DVD Info Pro reports SMART support for A100 and A101 firmware but querying using smartctl under linux wont give any SMART info.

btw, i have SMART enabled on the motherboard bios and i can derive SMART info from SMART-capable hardisks using Everest and smartctl.

thanks a lot =)

Most modern motherboards have that feature. Only one out of the nearly 100 motherboards I have seems to lack it. :frowning:

Possible bug in DIP?

what do you mean with DIP ? DIP switches on the mainboard ?

There is usually a settings in the bios that enables / disables SMART reporting. Although this only influences SMART info display in the bootup screen after switching on the pc. I can in any case query SMART info with a tool like everest, but also only for hdd.

I think kenshin means DIP = Dvd Info Pro


DVDInfoPro is a piece of shit anyway. Also read this thread about DVDInfoPro.

Right. DIP is easier to type for me. :bigsmile: