How to Read QScan Results?

Here are my Qscan Results from Qscan 2.0 on my BenQ DW1640 with the KB firmware installed.

How do I read these/make sense of them? What do they mean?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Well basicly, you’ll be reasonly sure that the burn is going to come out ok as long as the graphs don’t go over the criteria lines. That’s a very good result you got there, you can probably overspeed that disk.

I don’t know the theory behind it, just basing it on my own experience with the test.

Check this article (scroll down)

The blue and red dotted line is the max value of FE and TE, respectively. If the graph falls above this line then the disk will be judged poor/bad to burn at the selected speed. Note that FE/TE test is a prediction only, you will get the real quality by scanning the drive after burn.

TE = Tracking Errors. Shows how well the drive follows the predefined track on the disc. A poor quality disc may have a poor defined track and will have problems when recording it. The TE error level (curve) should be as straight as possible on a good disc.
FE = Focus Error. Shows how well the drive is able to focus the laser on the disc. A correctly focused laser will make a correctly defined pit when writing and will give a good result. An incorrectly focused laser will give less good pits and the disc will have reduced readability and in the worst cases be unreadable. A poor/thin/low quality DYE (Chemicals used in the recording layer on the disc) is the most common reason for focus problems. Again the line should be as straight horizontally as possible.

So it sounds like lower equals better then?

I was using Verbatim DVD+R 8X MCC discs.

Thanks for the info! Interesting!

I suppose a better question for people with more practice on this graph is: How accurate is it usually with regards to making successful higher speed burns? Just because the Qscan fails a disc at say 12x or 16x (regardless of disc rating), do regular users find that they are still usually able to make burns at those speeds that the Qscan rejected? Or is the result usually right on the money and you are risking coasters if you force a speed it did not approve of?

Well I’ve just ‘risked a coaster’ and burnt a Fujifilm YUDENT00 T02 that Qscan said wasn’t worthy of being burnt at either 12x or 16x.

But I burnt it at 16x by accident (forgetting to change the speed in nero cd-dvd speed options).

Looks like Qscan was right.

Overspeed: On
Solidburn: On

Thing is the dvd is still playable, the Quality score stayed at 97% until the very end. I’ll be keeping this ‘coaster’ i think.

This issue has been discussed in detailed several times just look in to the previous thread and the excellent job done by “ninbang” on analysis and how to read these scan graphs. See the following link;