How to Read Nero CD-DVD Speed?– Sony DVD-R Quality

Me new to the Nero CD-DVD Speed and so wud like to know how to read PIE and PIF (Upto what numbers are good?)

I also attached the scan of my Sony DVD-R, filled with movie – please have a look and say, if its good.
The quality score is horribly less on an Sony: 23 !

As per stats, you think this dvd will be good within next 4-5 years ? This movies are important!


For the basics about PIE/PO/PIF/POF scanning, start by reading THIS.

Be aware that scanning is not [I]measuring errors on a disc[/I], but[I] reporting error correction of a given drive while it parses ECC blocks of the disc[/I]. The difference is extremely important to avoid getting it all wrong. Scanning is not measuring.

This said, I have no idea if this Sony drive of yours can be considered as a useful scanner,I’m totally ignorant about Sony drives (I think that some are rebadged Liteys, but I’m not even sure of that).

Have fun :slight_smile:

That drive’s a rebadged Samsung SH-S182D (edit: MediaTek chipset). :slight_smile:

As such I’m not sure of it’s scanning capabilities, so I can’t comment. I personally don’t use my Sammy for scanning.

Samsung SH-S182D is 18x DVD writer, where this sony is 16x, so it cannot be an rebadged SH-S182D

Any1 ever used Sony DVD 16x, Made in India, MID:Sony16D1.
Is it reliable ?

Yes, i made a mistake, but tht’s partially coz nero info tool says its 16x… Pic attached… i wonder why its reporting wrong…

With a disc that can be written at 16x MAX, it will show 16x MAX as the burn speed. If you put in a disc with 18x support, there’s a good chance it would change. [Eject the disc and it will either show 18x as the max burn speed–for CDs, or 48x as the max burn speed–for CDs].

I didn’t know the Sony firmware could scan. Typically, they lock out this feature. :eek:

Depending on the batch of 16D1, it can be very reliable. I don’t think that I’ve encountered any made in India 16D1, though, so I can’t account for its quality.

Sony MID discs, IIRC, aren’t as good as AZO discs (Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and some other manufacturers) in terms of longevity

If you get a good scanning drive(s), use the same one most that way you will have a sort of guideline for your home scanning.

This 1 DVD just got scanned once via Nero cd-dvd, Now whenever i try to scan any of my dvd’s (Brand: Samsung & Sony), after completing around 95% scanning i get the error - “Invalid command operation code 052000”.

So any idea whts causing this ?

Well shall i be creating a new post 4 “Invalid command operation code 052000” problem ?

Nooooooooooooooo don’t do that.

It’s normal because neither can give Jitter results so you will get that with those drives.

Jitter scanning can be disabled on the Advanced settings available on the Disc Quality tab. Try that and see if it helps.

What are Sonys? Cyanine?

Well, I THINK so, but I can’t remember where I saw the info, sorry :frowning:

These results aren’t good at all, however, although this could be caused by batch variation: DVD-R 16x&image=SONY_16xOnsho

Well, Here’s the Sony16x DVD burnt with [B]4x and 8x [/B] write speed … Have a look and say dont u think results are horrible ?

[B]COLOR=DarkGreen][U]Below scan results DVD Burnt @ 4X: [/U] [/COLOR] [/B]
Scanning speed 4x

Shot at 2007-08-14

Scanning speed 8x

Shot at 2007-08-14

[SIZE=2][B][U]Below scan results DVD burnt @ 8X:[/U][/B][/SIZE]

Scanning speed 4x

Shot at 2007-08-14

Scanning speed 8x

Shot at 2007-08-14

Please scan a DVD-ROM (Video or game) with this drive. We need to know if the drive reports in a more or less useful way at all. If it’s not, you’re only hurting yourself by trying to scan your discs with it.

I agree. I wondered about this drive’s scanning ability from the start.

Here the Scan of the same movie but on Sony DVD-RW 2x

The scan looks Excellent here