How to read Kprobe scan results

just seanned a disc i copied using Kprobe can someone please explain how to read the scan and what it actually tells you eg is this a good or a bad result??

First of all you cant use a DVD-ROM drive for PI/PIF testing it must be a Liteon DVD-RW or another brand that supports it such as the Benq 1620.

thanks, you dont learn if you dont ask

but that’s a bad scan if it’s a liteon dvdrw drive. The lower the # of PI, the better. A good burn will average about 0-20 PI

Unfortunately scanning in a 167t means nothing it could be a perfectly decent burn but we wont know unless its scanned with the correct drive.

yeah, i only said that if it’s a liton dvdrw drive.

Please use the FAQs to learn about interpreting scan: :wink: