How to read KProbe results, post png image



Sony DWD-22A w/BSY2, Pentium IV HP, 1024 RAM, DVD Shrink, Decrypter, Fuji 8X DVD+R (TY media), burn rate 8X

I have noticed on some DVD’s (Sky Captain, Village) that playback will sfreeze-go-freeze-go. Seems to be toward the outer part of the disk. Usually do Main movie only to eliminate or minimize compression. Also, use liteon utility to to burn as DVD-ROM.

Ran KProbe2 tests on problem disk. The results are in the attachement and would appreciate help to understand them.

By the way, how do you post images directly in the thread?. See others do it but the Insert image button does not do it. Also, glossary for the KProbe language: PE/PI/BLER/ADER etc.



to up load the image click go advanced then click manage attachments then navigate to your image from the window.

also redo the scan at 4X before you upload it as 4X is the standard scanning speed on cdfreaks.