How to read a DVD with problems?

I have a private DVD ( holiday film ) which I watch several times in my laptop and on TV set with a CD/DVD player.
After two years I tried to see it again but without success. In my computer it starts to read it and never stops. No error but neither film on the screen.
I have tried other DVD players on other laptops and with a stand alone DVD player with always with same results.
I have checked the disc but it seams quite new without any defect.
The disc was kept in very good conditions along the those two years

Other folks can join in and offer their advice. I have tried to ‘save’ precious DVDs using ISOBuster, which claims to be able to ‘save’ them but, at some point, a DVD’s “data film” can chemically deteriorate to the point that it’s not saveable. That’s depressing to me, but ISOBuster was my best hope at the time (a few years ago).

It ran overnight, by the way, and I was able to get a lot of data back, but not everything.

Thanks Christine. I will try ISOBuster and I will revert with results.

Another option: ISO Puzzle

I agree with olyteddy.
When you use ISOPuzzle be patient . In some cases very patient .
It may take several hours .
If it doesn’t completely recover the entire DVD don’t delete the folder & files it creates. These can be used on another drive & even another computer .
It uses what its already recovered & another drive may read certain areas of a disc better.
[B]Don’t let that scare you off of using ISOPuzzle. It’s not as complicated as it sounds.[/B] It may not even need to do this.

No success with ISOBuster.
I tried ANYDVD and I got some information about it concerning nº of sectors and space. The is a DVD-R.
I will try now ISOpuzzle

IsoBuster is a very different program than ISOPuzzle .
The pro version of ISOBuster is the only software I could find that will rip the unusual mode of - VR on my computer with Windows Vista or Windows 7 .
Those Windows OS’s can’t even display the files in Windows Explorer.
ISOBuster however is not for reading “damaged” discs.

ISOPuzzle is actually the GUI for an older program h2cdimage with a few improvements. It was created to try & read “damaged” discs .
That is why it can be used with several drives or computers to try & read the same disc . It keeps the data it sucessfully reads . Then if a different drive can read some data the other drives don’t it saves that. Sometimes you can get a working .iso file even if it doesn’t get 100%.
IMO if ISOPuzzle can’t recover it your only hope is to try a professional recovery service & I doubt they could do better. I’ve never used one & I understand they are expensive. So maybe they could.

I am trying now ISOpuzzle.

On the pop up window it shows:

Sectors: 810928
Missing: 810906
Failure: 4h 50m
Total: 19h 50m

It seams that I need to wait may be a century to get finished.
Can someone give an opinion?

Yes, I fear that ISOBuster was my wrong recommendation, but I’ll let the Puzzle experts come back and hopefully give you good guidance at this point. I’ll keep watching for this, too - it’s an inevitable occurrence for all of us.

Oh, something else to consider - do you have easy access to other computers? If there’s a need to let it “run forever”, having an old, back-office slow-boat-to-China PC might be ‘just as fast’ and maybe could be left to run for days or ??

In addition, maybe older drives might yield a different result (as if newest drives are now more overloaded with pure genuine plastic instead of metal).

@ Marinel , It looks like you may need to try another drive . The only other answer is this disc has gone bad & may be unrecoverable.

Just to make sure you did follow the part of the “Readme” below:

You need a working ASPI Layer on your system!

This program has been tested with the newest version of WNASPI32.DLL of
NERO AG (Version
Please visit the homepage of NERO AG to get the DLL and read the terms
of use!

Please put the WNASPI32.dll in the same folder as IsoPuzzle.exe - do not
copy it into your system folders. Please note, that the behaviour of this
program may depend on this dll.

The Missing should countdown as the disc is read as you can see your hardly counted down at all.
I haven’t had it do that but I think it considered the attempt a failure at 4h 50m .
So if you didn’t install the WNASPI32.DLL . If you did your only hope is to try another drive and/or another computer. If that fails the disc is bad.

Thanks Cholla!

I will try another drive.