How to read a data dvd

I’m new to dvd burning. Have bought an LG dvd rewriter and using FinalBurner appear to have burned a copy of My Documents but I cannot see how to access it. Powerdesk or Windows Explorer seem to think the disc is empty. Is there some special way of accessing it?

Did you burn the shortcut or the contents of the My Documents map?
Did you close the session? Did you verify the write?

Mr Belvedere

The burning program quoted some 20 gb of data and took 26 minutes to burn so I think I burned the data. The list of activities had “burning image” as the last but one entry then finished with “End” timed some 26 minutes later. There was aqn option called “Test write” and another called “Buffer Underrun Protection” both of which I selected.

Mr Belvedere

That should have been 2 gb of data, not 20

First off, you’re not going to get 20gb of data onto anything smaller than a 25gb blu ray blank BD-R. That much won’t fit onto a blank dvd.

So choose sections to burn to the disk. You’ll get about 4.3gb on a regular, single layer dvd, and about 7.9gb on a double layer dvd.

Finally, turn off “Test write”. Though I don’t have your program, I believe it is simulating the burn, not doing the actual burn to disk.

Edit: Ok, 2gb is much better. :slight_smile:

26 minutes to burn 2 GB of data seems to me a rather long time.

Check if DMA is enabled. Maybe the disc is actually unreadable because with the DMA disabled the burning process has a rather high probability to fail.

Also, on a 2gb burn, you should be able to look on the data side of the dvd once it is burned and see a line where the burning stopped. The burned area will look different in color compared to the original.

To Kerry56 and to geno888

Thank you both. I know you should never change more than one thing at a time to isolate a problem but I checked for DMA and found the slave of the secondary channel (I think, but anyway one of the four choices) was not set to DMA if applicable. I reset it but also did not check the Test Write either. Anyway all is well so thanks again

You’re welcome :bigsmile: