How to react on our newspostings

I just posted the article How to react on our newspostings….

According to the small amount of reactions on our news, there might be some problems to some of you.

First of all, yes it’s possible for everyone to react on our newspostings, your comments do…

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Hmmz i never took the time to register, now its done the barrier of replieng is broken :slight_smile:

And please don’t reply with answers like “you stupid f#ck do you even know what your talking about” … the crew doesn’t like that :slight_smile:

hmm, replying? what’s that? I dont have an opinion on anything though so it’s hard for me to reply as I have no mind of my own to say things with :4, aaahhhh, I just replied, I thought for myself, I need to go shoot myself, BYE CRUEL WORLD!. haha :d

dont know that thanx :4

Guys!!! You would NEVER believe me…but I think I just found out how to Reply a message!!! WOW Dude’s…this is AWESOME!!! :slight_smile: :wink: :d :4 :7 :g!!!

Warum soll man nur auf Englisch hier schreiben? Die ungebildeten Amis sollen gefälligst auch mal Fremdsprachen lernen! Immerhin ohne Einstein und Werner von Braun wären die USA noch immer eine Cowboy-Nation :slight_smile: ! Liebe Grüße an alle Amis und seit nicht so furchtbar verklemmt! Till

Since this site is internationally oriented and more people speak English then speak German, this should all be psoted in English. Not even Dutch is allowed (and almost all admin are Dutch, so that says a lot too). Will leave it be for now, buut future postings that are not in English will be deleted. Please respect the rest of the world as well :wink: