How to re-enable Nero popup window with options such as access the Internet CDDB

I’m starting to think this forum is worthless!!! Since the end of March i’ve asked for help and not one person has responded. BLAH!

When I used to copy audio cds from disc to disc, just before the burn process started another window from Nero would popup with options like access the Internet CDDB, print cd label and a few other options too.

Doesn’t anyone, ANYONE, have any ideas how to get that to work again? It was nice to be able to access CDDB get the cd’s info and print a label while the discs were copied.

Did you check under File-options-Misc tab. There are some check boxes for retrieving artist/title information. You might go through the entire options dialogue box. There may be something else.

Why did you not respond when rapid fire asked a question about your problem? :confused:
We can not help you, if you can not help yourself. :slight_smile:

Still no response from DirectSound–it would seem if he was so upset about it, that checking for answers would be of primary importance. Oh well, I guess not.

sorry, i’ve been really busy with work. I didn’t see rapid fire’s post before. this forum is not emailing me with replies. Anyways, all the options in nero under misc tab is set to prompt me. Still i don’t get the prompt.

I’m still at a loss.

You b!tch that I didn’t respond, now you don’t either. see how it works. :slight_smile:

forum members are not paid to help people they do so voluntarily. many forum members will help even after an extended break in communication, but just as many feel that a week is too long to wait for a response and lose interest or lose track of the thread (just as you lost track of this thread yourself)

accusing people of “bitching” and saying that the forum is worthless is not going to attract help any faster.

at this point, based on your attitude, i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a lack of desire to help you moreso than a lack of knowledge that is the problem.

Although you put a smiley, but one word “bump” is sufficient. Non-solution respond to a bump is not needed either.

Anyways, all the options in nero under misc tab is set to prompt me. Still i don’t get the prompt.
How about the options under Preference > Database? Also check if your firewall blocks it.