How to rar multiples directories by name?

Does anyone know if there is a program that allows one to mass rar multiple directories at one time and naming them by the directory in the .rar? eg: Windows XP has a feature that if you have WinRAR and right-click there is an option to “Add to ‘dir.rar’” where it will take the directory and basically make an .rar out of it. I am looking for something to do that to multiple dirs at once.

Any ideas?


How about selecting all those directories, and then right-clicking and telling WinRAR to archive them?

This is an old thread, but I’ve never actually found a decent solution for this yet.

Did anyone ever figure out how to do this? I don’t think WinRAR actually has this functionality.


WinRAR and many other packers (like 7-zip) have a command line interface. So you can create a batch file, that will do the job.


That seems like the only way. It’s strange not seeing that type of functionality present in winrar. Oh well, thanks for the reply.


Maybe there is. Have you already contacted WinRAR support?


It looks like I found the answer. You select multiple files, click add to archive and finally on the files menu click ‘put each file to separate archive’.

Sometimes the easiest solution is just under our nose…
and just out of sight.

Thank you for the pointer.

Thanks for this post. I have to backup the office database every night, which totals out at just over 1Gb of info, and RARed it’s down to 200 Meg, so Once a month I have to Rar all those directories, and I’ve had to do so using a batch file cause I couldn’t find a way to do it directly through Winrar. Now I’ve found this thread, tried it, and it works just as I need it to. My life has just gotten a lot easier.