How To Quickly Add A Menu

I’ve just created a DVD of 5 titleset without a menu, ie it will start playing from movie 1 once it’s inserted into a set top DVD player. Is it possible to quickly add a DVD menu without having to recompile and create a new DVD folder which takes quite a bit of time. If so, please provide your valuable instruction here. Really appreciate for any help :bow:

You can try DVDStyler, GUI for DVDAuthor, TmpGenc DVD Author, NeroVision Express, DVDLab, etc to create a new menu. You still have to import the 5 titlesets in. But a shortcut is to use some arbitary short clip 5 times to substitute the real 5 titlesets. Once done, you can replace them with the 5 real titlesets in DvdReMake. Either way, it still takes time.

Out of DVDStyler, GUI for DVDAuthor, TmpGenc DVD Author, NeroVision Express, DVDLab and DVDReMake, which one can create the menu and then save directly into the opened DVD folder without having to recompile or create another whole new DVD folder.

About the sentence “But a shortcut is to use some arbitary short clip 5 times to substitute the real 5 titlesets”, which software is easier for doing that and how could it be carried out. This is very useful and important for me as I have several DVDs to do like this.

Thanks very much for these great info, toaddub

Either of those programs, except DvdReMake, can easily create the menu from scratch. Whichever one you feel comfortable using. But a whole new DVD must be created because a menu is created and the IFOs are changed.

About the shortcut, when you use either of these programs, you can just import a very short clip instead of the real big titleset. The whole purpose is so you can export quickly because all you want is the menu. Then you can import the created menu into DvdReMake, and replace each short clip with the real titleset, making sure you have the right video/audio/subtitle attributes set and enabled, and probably defining the chapters. If you’re not comfortable with this approach, then don’t use it. Then forget the shortcut I mentioned and you don’t need DvdRemake in the process.

Use the real titlesets instead for these mentioned programs. A whole new DVD will be recompiled. It doesn’t take long anyway if you are using 2 HD. You might want to look at DVDStyler, GUI for DVDAuthor, and DVDLab to see which one you like. I think TDA and NVE re-transcode the titlesets.

There’s another free program, Titlewriter, to create simple menus without doing the whole reauthoring that you might want to take a look.

@toaddub, thanks for your great help
Titlewriter is the one I’m looking for. Unfortunately after reading through the 14 pages of the link and the Visualhelp.rtf, still unable to get TW to work for my created DVD. After loading the DVD folder in TW, the Window “Select Menu to Add To Compilation” shows :

Video ts – No Menu Selected:
Video Title VTS_01_1.VOB – No Menu Selected:
Video Title VTS_02_1.VOB – No Menu Selected:
Video Title VTS_03_1.VOB – No Menu Selected:
Video Title VTS_04_1.VOB – No Menu Selected:
Video Title VTS_05_1.VOB – No Menu Selected:

While it shows just one line in the example of Visualhelp.rtf :
Vmgr No Menu Selected:

When I clicked on the first line “Video ts – No Menu Selected:” and select a templatemenu, the DVD plays the menu and then plays only the first title with whatever button pressed. ie all buttons on the menu are only for the chapters in the first title.

I tried to register and post for help from FA for the last two hours, it kept on saying “The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later.”

Hope someone here can help me … TIA

No problem. I haven’t tried Titlewriter, so I can’t help there. But it appears you’re asking at the right place there. You’ll get better support from the author himself. Or if someone here is familiar with it can help you out. Good luck.